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Personal Training

  • 79 € 1 X 60 Minutes
  • 350 € 5 X 60 Minutes
  • 680 € 10 X 60 Minutes
  • Personalized Program to your individual goals
  • 1 x Monthly Program review
  • Free Screening
  • Diet Program

How it works. 1. Click Enquire Now Button to contact a Personal Trainer. 2. Meet at the gym for a free Health Screening to get a Foundation of your health then Choose a Plan that works for you.


In Our Personal Training the fundamentals and drilled in so a solid foundation is built, as well as going into depth in advanced moves. Safety is #1

Personal Training and Member Testimonials:

Anna: I was over-weight and not feeling happy with myself. I Did the one month program lost 10Kg and  I am proud to say I am so much more confident and really happy with how I look. The Sisu Personal Training changed my life for the better”

Riordan: “Before I was struggling to put on muscle and mass. For years it felt like I was doing lots of work and seeing no results. Then I became a Sisu Member and was trained by Harry. I started seeing my hard work paying off and started gaining some serious muscle mass! I was shown how to do everything right with great guidance.”

Sanna: “I got into Bikini Fitness and immediately starting seeing results with weight within the FIRST WEEK of on following the training and diet plan. Thank you!”


plan basic
This is an example of an annual plan for high level competition Athlete

SCREENING AND TESTING-  This part is to get to know your goals, see where you are at health and fitness wise, and get a plan that might look something like this (depending on your goals) along with a movement directory and other documents you can take with you.

Everything is easy to follow and you don’t need to think about anything other than getting to the gym on the times you’ve set out. This could once a week or once a month if you like to do things alone, or 3 x a week if you want someone there more often to make sure your training is spot on.


Have you ever: Hit Plateaus, lost motivation, over-trained/under-trained, not known how to do the movements properly/effectively, quit- started again-then quit again, not known the best diet, been frustrated by not seeing results… These are all VERY common problems and a good training program can help in a big way, one could go further to ad that some kind of Training Program is absolutely necessary to hit your goals and move forward.

If you are comfortable with your form and can practice safely (for the more experienced) and you JUST want a high quality Fitness Plan then check out the Training Programs

Diet plans for weight loss, muscle gain, weight maintenance, or just to try something healthier use the Contact Page to Enquire

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