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The Sisu Academy

the sisu academy11

THE SISU Grading system

A personalized level training system with set challenges, additional workshops and personal training sessions designed for your to reach your goals. The goal is to embrace health & fitness as part of your LIFESTYLE rather than a short lived program.

PRICE: 65€ 1 time payment –

  • Online workouts suited to your level + 10 week Personal training plan + training plan UpDate
  • Access to secret facebook group and 24/7 hour access to a PT
  • Find out exactly what fitness level you are at -your weaknesses your strengths and use this Level system to get the goals and body you want.
  • Book a time for a free consultation here.

9.90€ Monthly

  • capture1What makes this Level System stand out is that it is Personalized to YOU and keeps being fine tuned. This monthly fee is for everything above + Gradings and Certificates + Scheduled UpDates and Fine Tuning your Fitness, Health and Diet Plan.
  •  Fitness Programs NEED to be changed and Updated as the body gets used to the routines “knows your tricks” and then you will stop making progress. That is a fact based in Science. The Value that this Level system gives is unlike most other systems and goes beyond standardized Levels for everyone.
  • The 10 week Programs are focused on 1 or 2 goals, at the end of the 10 weeks you submit a video (E-mail, Facebook, YouTube private or public etc.) from week 1 and week 10. A Coach will approve and grade you, You will receive certification and your plan will be Personalized. You can interact with other members, share your success or questions, as well as take part in Workshops in The SISU Facilities.

LEVEL 1 (WHITE): For everyone, from complete beginners to advanced athletes. + Unlock the Badges.Capture

  • Initial Testing and Health Screening: to know your Fitness and health levels, to discuss your personal goals. Also a course breakdown+Materials will be provided.
  • Access to group classes
  • Diet Plan
  • Training Program
  • Challenges posted to a secret site you will be given a password to.
  • Grading At the end of the course you will partake in a grading where family, friends, partners can offer support.




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