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Swimming in minus waters and snow sports aren’t that unusual for Finnish people but after spending 11 years in Australia this intrigues me. So I set out to see if I could withstand an hour in minus 6 degrees, and to see how I could somehow control the heat in my body. (for those who are unsure what minus 6 is like: my water was frozen at the end and my clothes were rock hard from frozen sweat. It’s not minus 30 but still pretty cold.)

This is an area that has plenty of research and that I still have lots more to learn. Using some teachings/techniques from yoga such as: researching Bandha’s, breathing through the nose, in on one movement and out on the next etc. I was able to keep hot. Even lying in the snow felt good.

I did Sun Salutations for an hour with only a couple of 5-10 seconds break to take off items of clothing and talk to a Finnish lady I saw swimming in the sea. For the first 10 minutes my mind was all over the place, about 20 minutes in I started heating up and getting into a really nice flow. The last 15 minutes my whole body felt super relaxed, warm.. hot even. It was definitely a good shoulder/ab workout, all the little “niggles” and restrictions that have developed from heavy weights seemed to just melt away.

About two minutes into the video (about 20-25 minutes in) things start to get interesting.

The point was to show how important breathing is in your training. Somethings that I’m researching now is a guy called Wim Hof and his training, & breathing techniques in Yoga and Bandas.

*I would not recommend this for everyone because you can get easily sick. But if you are thinking of doing something similar you have to warm up properly, know what you’re doing, have somewhere warm to go straight away, wear very warm clothing, if you feel uncomfortable in any way then stop, and don’t stay out too long. Be safe basically.

Other than that, thanks for checking in. I hope you enjoyed the video and much more to come!

Happy training.



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