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Simple Diet Preparation Tip

This simple tip can save you money, hours of cooking, shopping time, and help you to really get control of your week.

Diet is about 80% of training and having a busy lifestyle sometimes means forfeiting a decent meal or splerging a bunch of cash on a meal out.  I have been using the simple technique of cooking all my lunches for the week within an hour for about 20 euro’s.

Without exaggerating it’s helped me MASSIVELY with mys fitness goals, saved time and had a huge positive impact on my health.

My work has long hours and lots of travelling and it’s frustrating to say the least to train like a madman then have it all count for nothing because I’m unable to get the proper nutrition.

This is a simple technique that I highly recommend for anyone in a similar circumstance. Here’s a video of a tasty dish I cook up regularly:



1.6 kg chicken, pan sear in coconut oil and a spice of your choice.

Cook in oven with capsicum, brocoli, red onion garlic. Add nut’s honey, dash of vinegar, chili, and cheese. About 20 minutes at 175 degrees c.

Cook brown rice with fennel seeds for taste while the chicken is cooking. And chill for 20 mins.

Serve into 7 containers, one for each day and let one meal defrost in the fridge the night before using.



If anyone has any other recipe’s you want to share please send them over and I’ll feature the best ones on here. Share the love.


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