Teqnique no.1 The Ring Muscle Up


Muscle up’s have become almost an obsession when starting calisthenics. And why not? The MU is pretty cool.

A bar muscle up is actually not a gymnastic move, gymnasts use a Kip up as a way of getting on top of the bar. Only in Calisthenics and Crossfit have we realised the potential of the movement. The ring muscle up IS used in gymnastics and also other sports, I love both of these movements but today we’ll discuss the Ring MU. Here’s my tutorial which may work for you, if not there are some other really good tutorials on youtube.

Check it out and read on..

There is a lot of negativity surrounding this movement, mainly because it’s easily done wrong and trains little muscles that aren’t usually used… which tend to become tender when starting out. Especially muscles/tendons around the elbow/forearm, as well as conditioning your hands for the false grip. My advice is to simply train safe, listen to your body, be patient and consistent because you will get it. And when you do get it you realise that it’s a lot about technique.

I try to slow down my ring MU as much as possible to really get the strength benefits and know my weaknesses.

Let me know how you go and leave a comment for any feedback/questions. 🙂



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