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Movement Vitality is findamentaly a change in lifestyle for the better. And let’s face it, any change in lifestyle (no matter what people tell you) is fucking messy. There’s more emotional or mental pain than physical, and there’s also really high moments that people usually never forget.

In this program the coach Harry Peacock will guide you through this process. Training like an athlete isn’t about going 100% in every workout, spending hours on the treadmill, or starving yourself from the foods you like. The idea is finding the balance between doing too little and doing too much. And that’s precisely how athletes train.

Your goals might be to feel better throughout the day, to touch your toes, to gain muscle, lose fat- whatever. Movement Vitality is created from a few core components:

  • Mindful movement in groups of 4-6, starting with flexibility then to strength then to power.
  • Nutrition. Easy to follow nutrition plan that restores the joy and love of food.
  • Relaxation techniques. Being in a relaxed state your body uses fat for energy as opposed to being stressed out where your body breaks down muscle for energy. Using breathing techniques, meditative Calisthenics and weightlifting movement we achieve this.
  • Practically sweat less workouts designed to become daily habbits, much like brushing your teeth these movements are hygiene for your body.
  • Personal training plan with scheduled testing evaluating your overall health within the scope of a professional and qualified Coach

There is no “quick fix” or compromises to achieving your ideal body so this is a system based on science and experience that clients learn to love.

The Coach, Harry Peacock, comes from a background in Karate, calisthenics, and weightlifting. When he came to Helsinki in 2015 he found Crossfit Sörnäinen and started Coaching athletes. “People training in gyms, calisthenics and some people in CrossFit would come across common injuries or problems in their program. When you train- mindfulness in movement is vital to avoid these injuries and road blocks. On top of that, people with a busy lifestyle often have excuses (good ones too) why they can’t train. It is completely possible to be healthy, happy, flexible and strong until an old age. For those who do have a busy lifestyle- kids, working 2 jobs, insane working hours, this course is for you too.”

For the home workouts you can use pair of dumbbell weights. If you don’t use dumbbells there are a great variety of calisthenic alternative exercises which gives the same results.


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Beginners to Advanced

“I got into Bikini Fitness and immediately starting seeing results with weight within the FIRST WEEK of following the training and diet plan. Thank you!”

Sanna- Helsinki