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movement class fo real

“What are movement classes?” As we get older our range of motion decreases without regular practice, in our society we practice positions at work or in other environments that aren’t beneficial to our bodies; shortening and weakening muscles, neglecting nerves, not looking after our joints & locking up the spine- this commonly results in injury, surgery, disease, or discomfort which can effect sleep, well-being, and the list goes on.

Movement is a practice where we:

  • Wake up the body
  • nourish our joints, muscles, tendons, spine
  • Strengthens and lengthens
  • Increases our ability which can be used in real life situations
  • It’s a NEW, mindful & creative practice to use our bodies to be masters of movement
  • You can be a total beginner with a goal of feeling lighter and more confident on your feel. Or an experienced athlete looking to bring the creativity and fun to your training.
  • Movement aims to make our bodies long-lasting and healthy


Hey Guys, Harry here.

Starting 14:00 SUNDAY 19th AUSUST There will be BOOTCAMP fitness classes @ the park next to Hämeentie 19, Sörnäinen 💪.

These 1 hour fitness classes are 8 Euros a session, and intended for everyone at all Fitness levels. Compete with your teammates and work your way up the level system. 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Circuit style training designed to make you sweat and hit your cardio system as well as strength, building muscle, power, conditioning, working on flexibility, co-ordination etc, with SAFETY being the number 1 priority.

Call +358 442 357 396, book here or just show up!

Hope to see you there.


STARTING 1.09.2018

teho 30

The Sisu and Primitive Skills bring you TEHO30. The Group Training Classes are every week for anyone to join at a great price 10 Euro’s. Come down and give it a go!

HIIT & CORE (High Intensity Interval Training) A fast paced 30 minute class with high energy and lots of great movements to be learnt.

MOVEMENT Not as fast paced as HIIT, working on core, skills and mobility. Includes locomotion, a range of core exercises and calisthenics.

FIT-KICKBOXING Learn the basics of kickboxing from a teacher with 20 years of experience with martial arts, and get fit doing it! This class includes sparring and other contact exercises with others.

Classes are around 40 minutes at Primitive Skills gym at Merivirta 7 Espoo.


Personal Training and Member Testimonials:

Sanna: I was over-weight and not feeling happy with myself. I Did the one month program 10Kg and  I am proud to say I have so much more confident and really happy with how I look. The Sisu Personal Training changed my life for the better”

Riordan: “Before I was struggling to put on muscle and mass. For years it felt like I was doing lots of work and seeing no results. Then I became a Sisu Member and was trained by Harry. I started seeing rapid results and started gaining some serious muscle mass! I was shown how to do everything RIGHT with great guidance.”

Anna: “I got into Bikini Fitness and reached my weight goal within the FIRST WEEK of on following the training and diet plan. Thank you!”


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