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Hey Guys! So the Academy is now officially open.

The First step is to do a series of tests and enter your results online to get your overall fitness assessed.

From there your get your own web-page with your personal profile and program, with tailored online videos/ open discussion with a pt.

Your program will be updated monthly, as this is needed to overcome plateaus in your fitness progression.

After you’ve signed up you’ll receive the password to and you’ll be able to start your fitness journey and streamline your goals. To sign up use the Contact page for the €9.90 monthly Course.


Starting 14:00 SUNDAY There will be BOOTCAMP fitness classes at CrossFit Sörnäinen Hämeentie 19. There is limited space as this is an underground box so Book by clicking HERE and message the date you want to come 🙂 Everyone is welcome and it’s an hour full of fun and sweat 💪.

1 x class- 8 Euros and intended for everyone at all Fitness levels. Compete with your teammates and work your way up the level system. 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Circuit style training designed to make you sweat and hit your cardio system as well as strength, building muscle, power, conditioning, working on flexibility, co-ordination etc, with SAFETY being the number 1 priority.

Call +358 442 357 396, book here or just show up!

How to get there can be a bit tricky- here’s the route on video- ROUTE

Personal Training and Member Testimonials:

Sanna: I was over-weight and not feeling happy with myself. I Did the one month program 10Kg and  I am proud to say I have so much more confident and really happy with how I look. The Sisu Personal Training changed my life for the better”

Riordan: “Before I was struggling to put on muscle and mass. For years it felt like I was doing lots of work and seeing no results. Then I became a Sisu Member and was trained by Harry. I started seeing rapid results and started gaining some serious muscle mass! I was shown how to do everything RIGHT with great guidance.”

Anna: “I got into Bikini Fitness and reached my weight goal within the FIRST WEEK of on following the training and diet plan. Thank you!”

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